I have launched a page on Kickstarter to raise money for the production of my new album. When you make a pledge you get a number of rewards from me as a “thank you” for helping out. The rewards include exclusive tracks, videos, advanced copies of the album, personal “mix tapes” from me with your favorite songs, or even a private concert from me. The more you give, the more you get!

I have 49 days left to raise th $1,500 I need to put together a decent studio album. So far i’m 1/4 of the way to my goal, but I still need more help. Visit my Kickstarter page to pledge and my Website to hear some of the new tracks that are gonna be recorded on the album. So check it out and spread the word. Remember, no amount is too small…


Today marked the completion of my first new song in about 9 months! And with that i’ve nearly rounded off my newest bunch of songs that will be on the new Album. If all goes as planned I will be recording this summer and releasing in the Fall or Winter of 2011!

In order to help fund this new production I will be raising funds on a website called Kickstarter. You pledge money to help me record my album and in return you get rewards from me including exclusive videos, digital downloads, and a reserved copy of the new CD. Stay tuned for more info, new songs, and the launch of my Kickstarter page!

So last March I played a private dinner concert for a couple which was set up by the boyfriend. He secretly planned the whole dinner and hired myself and a private chef as well as set up massages for the both of them before dinner. The ultimate goal of the night was to give his girlfriend the most romantic night he could and finish the night off by proposing. The night went wonderfully and they are now engaged.

Last week I received a message from the boyfriend again asking me to perform for them again, this time in their wedding ceremony next October. Things like this are rare and it’s just so heart warming to take place in such an important event – it makes me so happy and grateful for everything my music has brought me.

Hey friends! I need everyone’s support – Vote for me for Beacon’s Best Local Band! This sort of recognition would be really great for my music carreer.

Go to:


Click on “Arts & Entertainment” > Select “Local Band” > and type in “Kevin Minster”

Thanks for all your help friends!

So i’m excited to say that i’m taking the next step in internet communication by setting up this blog! Now i can talk about all the stuff that’s going on with my music, shows, and whatever to keep everyone as up to date as possible. Feel free to comment with any suggestions or questions at any point. I’m gonna start this first post by putting up some links for everyone to check out:

My Website

My YouTube Channel

Reverb Nation

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