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So I was cleaning out my drawers the other day and found old notebooks with song lyrics scribbled on them. This one in particular was “racing the sun”. It’s so great when you come up with song lyrics and just grab the nearest piece of paper you can find, hence the awful yellow legal pad. It feels great to try and remember what was going on when I wrote that song. Maybe I should write a song about writing that song…ha.



So had another great show last night with Emily Neymeyer. Also had the very talented Julie Roth opening up for us, which was great – though I admit it’s kind of hard to sit and wait to play. Anyhow she put on a fantastic show and we rolled in after with Emily on some new fiddle work and song arrangements and it went off without a hitch.

We’re still working on our stage banter though. It’s not as easy as you would think… It feels like trying to make conversation with a very quiet girl on a first date. You want to be funny, but not look like your trying too hard. It’s still a bit shaky for us… We had an entertaining moment involving some confusion over the chords to a song in which we bickered like a married couple. So hopefully we can either figure out how to make good banter or you’ll have to continue simply laughing at our expense.

So i’m excited to say that i’m taking the next step in internet communication by setting up this blog! Now i can talk about all the stuff that’s going on with my music, shows, and whatever to keep everyone as up to date as possible. Feel free to comment with any suggestions or questions at any point. I’m gonna start this first post by putting up some links for everyone to check out:

My Website

My YouTube Channel

Reverb Nation

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