With his first album, Ask Yourself, Akron-born singer-songwriter Kevin Minster connects his listeners to his sentimental style of writing by compiling a collection of songs which show a range of emotional experiences in his life, as well as his development as an individual and as a songwriter

“My song ‘Who Am I’ is really a good statement of what this album is about,” Kevin notes. “It’s about my growth and my discovery of life and all the crazy things it puts you through; from love to heartbreak, happiness to sadness. It’s really a look at the emotions I’ve been through in my life and more or less how they made me the person I am.”

Kevin’s debuit album features drummer Eric Kauffman of the Kevin Minster Trio; bassist Andrew Muhlheim; Nathan Corsi playing bass, lead guitar, and harmonica; and, of course, Kevin playing acoustic and electric rhythm guitar and singing lead and backup vocals. The album was released on November 29.