So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me up here. It’s been quite a busy couple of months; finishing grad school and such. But as I wrap up this chapter in my life and embark on my future journeys I am hoping to reach new horizons with my music and with communicating myself and my messages to the world. It’s been quite a ride since the release of ‘Heart Beats Faster,’ and I can’t even believe all the things I’ve accomplished in the last year. From here, the sky is the limit…

Here’s what you should expect to see/hear from me in the future:

1. New Songs – I’ve been working on a few new songs lately and will soon have more time to devote to writing. And this doesn’t just been new songs, but also different songs – about new topics and presenting a different range.

2. More Interaction – I want to talk to and hear more from my listeners, fans, and friends. I plan to do more blogging, emailing, and getting you all involved in my songwriting and promotions.

3. Collaborations – If you haven’t caught any of my latest shows, then you’ve been missing out on hearing the recent addition to my musical endeavors, the talented Emily Neymeyer.

Kevin and Emily

I have joined forces with Emily and her stunning vocals, playful percussion, and fantastic fiddle-playing to bring a whole new dimension to my music. Hopefully on the horizon will be new collaborative songwriting and more band members…so stay tuned to see more!

4. New Venues – The final and perhaps most exciting step toward the future is expanding to all new venues. I’m working to begin visiting new cities around Ohio and the Midwest so that I can begin to spread my music to new audiences. So if you live outside of Columbus or Akron, look out! If you’d like to be a part of the street team and help book and promote new shows, visit and send me a message saying “I want to join the street team!”

So that’s all for now, stay tuned in for all the exciting new things that are to unfold!