So I was cleaning out my drawers the other day and found old notebooks with song lyrics scribbled on them. This one in particular was “racing the sun”. It’s so great when you come up with song lyrics and just grab the nearest piece of paper you can find, hence the awful yellow legal pad. It feels great to try and remember what was going on when I wrote that song. Maybe I should write a song about writing that song…ha.



So had another great show last night with Emily Neymeyer. Also had the very talented Julie Roth opening up for us, which was great – though I admit it’s kind of hard to sit and wait to play. Anyhow she put on a fantastic show and we rolled in after with Emily on some new fiddle work and song arrangements and it went off without a hitch.

We’re still working on our stage banter though. It’s not as easy as you would think… It feels like trying to make conversation with a very quiet girl on a first date. You want to be funny, but not look like your trying too hard. It’s still a bit shaky for us… We had an entertaining moment involving some confusion over the chords to a song in which we bickered like a married couple. So hopefully we can either figure out how to make good banter or you’ll have to continue simply laughing at our expense.

So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me up here. It’s been quite a busy couple of months; finishing grad school and such. But as I wrap up this chapter in my life and embark on my future journeys I am hoping to reach new horizons with my music and with communicating myself and my messages to the world. It’s been quite a ride since the release of ‘Heart Beats Faster,’ and I can’t even believe all the things I’ve accomplished in the last year. From here, the sky is the limit…

Here’s what you should expect to see/hear from me in the future:

1. New Songs – I’ve been working on a few new songs lately and will soon have more time to devote to writing. And this doesn’t just been new songs, but also different songs – about new topics and presenting a different range.

2. More Interaction – I want to talk to and hear more from my listeners, fans, and friends. I plan to do more blogging, emailing, and getting you all involved in my songwriting and promotions.

3. Collaborations – If you haven’t caught any of my latest shows, then you’ve been missing out on hearing the recent addition to my musical endeavors, the talented Emily Neymeyer.

Kevin and Emily

I have joined forces with Emily and her stunning vocals, playful percussion, and fantastic fiddle-playing to bring a whole new dimension to my music. Hopefully on the horizon will be new collaborative songwriting and more band members…so stay tuned to see more!

4. New Venues – The final and perhaps most exciting step toward the future is expanding to all new venues. I’m working to begin visiting new cities around Ohio and the Midwest so that I can begin to spread my music to new audiences. So if you live outside of Columbus or Akron, look out! If you’d like to be a part of the street team and help book and promote new shows, visit and send me a message saying “I want to join the street team!”

So that’s all for now, stay tuned in for all the exciting new things that are to unfold!

Today marks the official launch of my new studio album “Heart Beats Faster”! “What does this mean,” you ask. Well now that the album is officially released, it will now be available to purchase through a number of different means. To get your hands on a hard copy visit the new and select the “Heart Beats Faster” ordering link, or click the “buy” button on the music page of the website. As always you can still purchase a CD at any one of my shows. In addition to the physical release, the album is now available on a number of digital sites including CDbaby, Amazon, and iTunes!

Along with release of the new album, you can now access the completely redesigned The new site features a cleaner layout with all new functions including a pop-out music player, dynamic photo and video viewing pages, lyrics, and more. So make sure you hop over to the new site and check it out!

So It’s been quite some time since I’ve written an entry and I’m gonna try to get back in the swing of things seeing as I am on the forefront of a lot of exciting stuff and have lots to talk about. For starters, there’s the new album “Heart Beats Faster” which is releasing March 1. Copies can be pre-ordered on my website and starting on February 14th there will be a Digital Release, which means the tracks can be downloaded from CDbaby through the web and through download cards sold by me.

February 19 is the date of the (pre) release party in Akron to celebrate the wrap of the album and have an exclusive pre-sale of the CDs. Following the release will be a big Launch Party in Columbus on April 9, which is another celebration, but this time as a launch to reach out to a broader audience, local radio and get other local music reps. Both events both stand to be really exciting and will be a good chance for everyone to see all the hard work that went into the album and what a great product came out as a result.

In the meantime I’m just trying to get all my ducks in a row and work on some more booking to get out there and spread the new music around to a new audience. So tell everyone you know, post links on facebook, or shout it from the rooftops if you like – I want everyone to know about and get excited for the new album release!

Been working hard on the album – writing, researching, and practicing…now it’s time for an inspirational break. Off to Lollapalooza!

I’ve been hard at work getting things ready for the new album. I’ve got almost all of the new songs written and have been working on the instrumentation for all the tracks that are going to be recorded. The new album will have some featured musicians playing bass, percussion, violin, and singing harmonies.

The search is on now for a studio in Columbus to get everything laid down. The plan will be to work with all the featured artists through August and begin recording the bulk by the end of August / early September.

Keep your eyes peeled on for more updates, recordings, and upcoming shows.